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There are hundreds of dog breeds in the world, it is impossible to know all of them on sight.
It is especially difficult with breeds such as the Siberian Husky which can be any color.
  With your help, your local shelter may be able to better identify any Siberian Huskies with which they come in contact.  
This page may be printed and freely distributed to anyone you think it may help.


Few casual observers of this beautiful breed realize the variety of coat colors and patterns that a Siberian Husky can be. Most people seem to think that Siberians are either Black & White or Gray & White. Many people also believe that nearly all Siberians have blue eyes. None of these assumptions even comes close to the truth.

The American Kennel Club registration form only lists the following colors: black, agouti, gray, red, sable, and white.  However, these dogs are arranged according to the colors recognized by the International Siberian Husky Club and described in their book "The Siberian Husky" 2nd Edition.

I have created the table below to help Rescue Groups, Shelters and Clubs correctly identify Siberian Huskies of any color.


Coat Color

(recessive trait in Siberian Huskies, dog is genetically black, grey,  red, etc., but white 'covers' it up - more of a coat pattern, than a true color)
(Black tipped guard hairs are restricted to saddle area, head, haunches and shoulders may be white or red.  Black and grey dogs with the same type of saddling are not generally included under this category)
(Reddish or brownish with a black nose)

(Banded coat, very wild looking,
cream instead of white undercoat)
"Light Red"
(from pale yellow to a light orange
cast with white under belly)
(Dark Red or Brown with white under belly)
"Silver  & White"
(undercoat is grey as opposed to cream/beige)
"Wolf Grey"
(grey with distinct orange or reddish
cast behind ears and above hocks)
(grey with beige or yellow undercoat)
"Black & White"
(lighter dogs are termed 'dilute black')
"Mostly Black"
Coat Pattern
(more than 50% white with 
irregular areas of any other color)
"Splash Coat"
(includes a saddle, secondary color[s]
may be any color)
Coat Length
"Wooly Coat"
(a recessive trait in Siberians)
Eye Color
Siberian Huskies also feature a wide variety of eye color.
Color is typically blue or brown (green & amber possible).
Depth of color ranges from very light to very dark and/or mixed.



(eyes are different solid colors)

Parti or Split
(eye includes two colors)

Siberians have been bred for centuries to RUN and WILL RUN at the first opportunity.
DO NOT trust a Siberian Husky OFF LEASH. NOT EVER!!


For additional genetic information and examples of the many colors,
visit our "Colors of the Siberian Husky" website

For more information on the internet about Siberian Husky rescue, visit the Siberian Husky Rescue site
The site includes general information on Siberian Huskies as well as listings of available dogs.

For additional information about Siberian Husky rescue programs and other information, contact:
Siberian Husky Club of America Rescue Program
National Chairperson, Gerry Dalakian, 908-782-2089

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