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Our Siberian Husky

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We invite you to meet our Siberian prince. There are hundreds of Siberians pictured on our site, but this is the one that shares our daily life (Sir Digger, Prince Digger, Diggety-Dog, His Majesty).  We used to have multiple siberians and thoroughly enjoyed running them in harness, but we currently only have one dog. It is because of this Siberian and others we have owned in the past that I created the Colors of the Siberian Husky pages. 

The intent of the "Color" pages is to entertain, but to also draw would be fanciers to a source of information about the nature of this breed.

Our Huskies at Play, Once upon a time...  

This is a beautiful breed, but it is NOT like a German Shepherd, Golden or Labrador Retriever. They are not guard dogs. They were bred for many years to question their owners commands (in case they knew something about the terrain that their musher didn't, thus ignoring his command, but likely saving his life), so don't expect many of them to drop on command and forget a "stay" command in an open area!

These dogs are very pack oriented (they need their owners to be a leader), very social (few husky owners have just one), and very energetic (at least two of our four are with us because their previous owners never realized how active this breed is).

So enjoy the beauty of this breed, but PLEASE read about them before you decide to bring one home!

Currently residing with us:

Energetic. Acrobatic. Untamed Exuberance for Life.

These words describe most Siberian Huskies, and most especially our Digger. As a youngster his zest for life sometimes left us breathless as he zoomed about a FENCED yard, bounding about as if he is part antelope. He used to regularly leap over our other Siberians and could bound from end to end of our 10'x28'x6' kennel in three or four leaps. His movements are all spring action and his exuberance unbearable at times, but his work ethic in harness makes me wish I had two or three more just like him.

Digger has always been our most vocal dog. He has a beautiful, deep woo-woo for chit chat and a soul stirring soft howl for the times in the past when he was kenneled alone while his buddies were out. We rarely hear the mournful song now that he lives inside with us.

Our first Siberian - now a Rainbow bridge member:

We rescued our first Siberian Husky from a shelter in Memphis, TN. Little did we realize then how aptly we named him Loki. My husband takes great pride in his Norse heritage, so all of our dogs were to share the names of the Viking Gods. Loki is the mischievous one.

Our little Loki was quite the escape artist until we bought a six foot kennel AND put up six foot privacy fence.

Unattended a Siberian pup can wreak havoc on your belongings in a blink of the eye. We learned the hard way, we left him alone for less than 15 minutes as a "trial" housebreaking run, only to return to find a six inch hole in our living room carpet!

I have included on my site links to several pages which discuss the special attributes of Siberian Huskies in depth. If you are considering the purchase/adoption of a Siberian, please do what we did not know to do first: RESEARCH the breed before you bring that "cute little bundle of energy" home. They are a very intelligent breed and can be housebroken and crate trained, but because they are such a social animal, they have a tendency to be destructive if left alone very long.

Our second Siberian - now a Rainbow bridge member:

OdinThe second Siberian to join our household we named Odin. When we rescued him from the St. Clair County Animal Shelter, he was emaciated yet so loveable. He was during his life our resident chow hound.

Odin earned our family's Mr. Manners Award. His behavior in and out of the house was almost always top notch (except that he surveyed EVERYTHING for edible content). Odin was very quiet unless he thought he was going to be left behind, then he cried as if his feet are caught in an old fashioned beaver trap!

My first canine love - now a Rainbow bridge member:

Bear taught our whole family how special a pet can be. A gentle giant, he possessed the best qualities of the St. Bernard / Collie / German Shepherd gene pool that created him.

Personality and loyalty in a four legged, 140 lb package, THAT was Bear. To see more images of how impressive a mixed breed dog can be, visit Bear's Place.


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