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Wooly Coat Siberian Huskies

Although the Siberian Husky has a double coat (downy soft undercoat and longer guard hairs), the hair should not be excessively long as with the dogs pictured on this page. Long hair is not only a fault in a show dog Siberian, it can be dangerous in a working Siberian. The long hair collects snow, possibly causing irritation and injury. It is also a concern because it takes longer to dry, a dangerous fault in extremely cold weather.

"Wooly" Siberians may look interesting, but they should not be bred as they do not perpetuate the desired Siberian look. We invite you to look at the differences between an appropriate length of coat and the overly long wooly type.

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Alberta, Canada
Click to see the differences between a wooly & a regular length coated Siberian

Miss Molly Nicole
North Carolina, USA
Genetically, a very rare Siberian Husky as both wooly coat
and pure white are recessive traits in this breed.
woolyMollyPuppy.jpg (15910 bytes)

Sienna Run's Windans'n
South Carolina, USA

Our original featured Wooly Husky




Maryland, USA
Boris Badenov Castillo
Texas, USA
AKC Mason White Vitrano
Georgia, USA

Qui Qui
Michigan, USA
Shandars Mariah Fey
Illinois, USA
Shandars Montauk Fox CD
Illinois, USA
  Yukons Majestic Beauty (AKC# WP615981/02)
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